Past Aria Final Winners 
2016 Winner Filipe Manu (Auckland)
2015 Winner Eliza Boom (Hamilton)
2014 Winner Isabella Moore (Auckland)
2013 Winner Christie Cook (Auckland)
2012 Winner Alex Wilson (Auckland)
2011 Winner Maia Veger (Hokianga)
2010 Winner Daniel O'Connor (Wellington)
2009 Winner Joanna Foote (Auckland)
2008 Winner Amelia Berry (Wellington)
2007 Winner Claire Barton (Dunedin)
2006 Winner James Adams (Wellington)
2005 Winner Stephen Chambers (Dunedin)
2004 Winner Matthew Landreth (Dunedin)
2003 Winner Emma Fraser (Dunedin)
2002 Winner Robert Tucker (Dunedin)
2001 Winner Anna Leese (Dunedin)


Convenor ~ Senior Vocal

The senior vocal festival will be held at Burns Hall, First Church, 19-22 August 2021

Adjudicator will be Patrick Power, Tenor.


Susanne Chambers
E-mail: chambers398@xtra.co.nz
Ph. (03) 476 1988   Mob. 027 567 0015

Senior Vocal Syllabus 2019

Senior Vocal Entry Form 2019



Co-ordinator~ Junior Vocal

Judith Borick
E-mail: dunedin.juniorvocalcomps@gmail.com

The Junior Vocal Competitions 2021 will be held on September 10, 11 and 12. Syllabus and entry forms can be obtained by emailing Anna Hollows at dunedin.juniorvocalcomps@gmail.com.


Our Sponsors

DPACS gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Junior & Senior Vocal festivals by the following organisations and individuals:            



  • Miss Val Braumann
  • Cleveland Charitable Foundation
  • The Chambers family
  • Hadley and Robinson
  • Society of Women Musicians of Otago
  • The Florence Sumner Trust
  • Dunedin Burns Club
  • Chris Saxton - Accountant
  • Miss Honor McKellar






Bryony Williams Claire Barton Kerah Bruce Christie_Cook_with_Les_Cleveland Lydia_Bernard Junior Vocal Scholarship Winners 2014 DMMF Aria 2014 Prize Winners & Adjudicator Marie McLaughlin DMMF Aria 2014 Runner-Up Joel Amosa and Winner Isabella Moore DMMF Aria 2014 Winner Isabella Moore DMMF Aria 2014 Runner-Up Joel Amosa DMMF Aria Judge DMMF Aria Final 2014 Finalists and Officials SV 2014 Adjudicator Marie McLaughlin SV 2014 Adjudicator Marie McLaughlin and Convenor Susanne Chambers IMG_0188 IMG_0326 IMG_0340 IMG_03591 IMG_03611 IMG_03631

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